SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Nearly four months after a Sioux Falls man was found dead in his apartment, three teens are behind bars accused with murder.

The months long investigation into the death of Paul Billion led to warrants and arrests on Saturday.

The suspects, who are 18 and 19 years old, are charged with first-degree murder and burglary.

Court documents say the gun that was used to kill Billion was one of four weapons stolen from a truck earlier this year. Police also arrested a fourth man in connection with the stolen guns.

Sioux Falls Police lieutenant Nick Butler and chief Jon Thum praised the hard work from detectives in this case — specifically given the limited information officers had from the very beginning.

The investigation into Paul Billion’s death began August 19 inside a central Sioux Falls home.
Since then, detectives have spent hundreds of hours searching for answers.

“We didn’t have a whole lot of information to go on. To the use of a lot of technology and frankly just a whole lot of good old-fashioned police work. Talking to people in the community, walking around the neighborhoods, picking up evidence, collecting evidence, executing a number of different search warrants,” Butler said.

Investigators found surveillance video that showed three people going to and from Billion’s home on the night they believed he died.

They tracked down additional video from traffic cameras and security systems, and were eventually able to follow the three people to another home.

“The reality is uniquely different and they take time, and with this one, I just say I can’t say how proud I am of our team and the work they put into this, because really they had very little to go on from the start,” Butler said.

Investigators also matched shell casings from the crime scene to casings in another Sioux Falls shooting. They also gathered evidence from Snapchat and Instagram. Over the weekend they received warrants and made three arrests.

“I’m just really really proud of their efforts, because without their hard work, professionalism and dedication, we don’t get results like we did over the weekend,” Thum said.

Results that wouldn’t have been possible without technology and tips from the public.

“There are only so many detectives working and no matter how many hours they put in, we still need the assistance of the community when it comes to solving homicides, every crime frankly,” Butler said.

“An active community is a safer community, and again, we want to really really appeal to be active, and if they have information, that they’re providing it to us,” Thum said.

Following this weekend’s arrests, there is still one unsolved homicide in the city from this year. Tunis Lomax was shot and killed outside the apartment building where he lived with his family back in August.