MINNEAPOLIS, M.N. (KELO) — Road conditions are also dangerous across southern Minnesota.
Governor Tim Walz activated the National Guard to assist if needed in the storm, and that includes rescue operations and emergency shelters.

Four-wheel drive is minor league compared to this – the Minnesota National Guard small unit support vehicle, or SUSV, is how soldiers will reach stranded motorists.

“There isn’t a whole lot the machine isn’t able to get through or climb over,” Zachary Krenz with the Minnesota National Guard said.

The back cab can hold up to 10 people… In front, two soldiers and room for at least one other first responder. A rescue, though, will take time. The SUSV isn’t known for speed.

The average speed is around 15-20 mph depending on conditions. Once you get into the heavier drifts it’s 5-10 mph.

But they’ll be safe and warm…and taken to the armory where staff and volunteers are ready to help.

“Food, sleeping area, games for children,” said Kristen Sailer with Steele County Emergency Management.

Authorities remind everyone to have an emergency kit in your car.