MINNEAPOLIS, M.N. (KELO) — Flooding has already arrived in communities across Minnesota, and some are still bracing for the worst of it.  

The biggest risk lies along six rivers: Crow, Minnesota, Mississippi, Red, St. Croix and the St. Louis. Here is a look at four of those rivers.

The Mighty Mississippi is expected to rise another 3-5 feet in cities like St. Paul, Hastings and Red Wing, cresting in major flood stage this weekend. 

“It’s surprising to me. I’ve never seen it this high and this fast,” said St. Paul resident Magda Olson.

As water creeps upstairs and paths, the city of St. Paul closed more than a dozen riverfront parks, trails and facilities. And expect delays if you’re driving in downtown. The city has closed a 3-mile stretch of Shepard Road. They’ve also taken the time to close and sandbag all of the storm drains.

Jerry Jackson lives where the Elk and Mississippi rivers meet. His yard is underwater.

“We have a thousand feet on the Mississippi here. It’s all lake right now,” Jackson said.

St. Croix River

To the east, peak water levels come sooner, mid-week, for communities along the St. Croix River, like Stillwater and Hudson, Wisconsin.

It’s where homeowners, like WCCO News’ Rebecca Kolls, are trading cars for canoes, as they brace for water to rise another foot.

“Quickly unloading the house and the garage and trying to save everything that’s worth saving,” Kolls said.  

In Stillwater, the river’s expected to rise near the top of the levee protecting downtown. The mayor says they can add another foot or two if needed. 

Rich Rossi’s home in nearby Bayport is already taking on water.

“If it goes any higher, if gets close to that, we got to flip the breaker upstairs, and other stuff in the house might turn off, but what are you going to do,” Rossi said.

Crow River

West of the Twin Cities in Wright County, the Crow River in Delano is already in major flood stage, spilling over rural roads.

“This is not a new situation for us,” said Delano Mayor Holly Schrupp“We’ve had flooding in the past, and I feel like we are very well prepared to handle the flooding situation we have ahead of us.”

Minnesota River

Minnesota’s namesake river is expected to crest Tuesday at major flood stage in Renville County.

Soon, $40 million will be available to communities dealing with disaster. Monday morning, Gov. Tim Walz signed a bill replenishing the state’s disaster account. He says the bill will also allow emergency services to move more quickly without needing legislative action.