SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A new survey is highlighting the strengths and challenges in a Sioux Falls neighborhood.

It’s all a part of Sioux Falls Thrives’ Kid Link expansion into the area around Terry Redlin Elementary School.

More than 30 people were surveyed for the report.

According to the survey, strengths in the Terry Redlin neighborhood include school programs and staff, the neighborhood’s location, and support among neighbors.

Meanwhile, people surveyed also pointed to challenges related to transportation, out-of-school time, safety, and more.

“Not that it’s unsafe because that was the other side of that coin. ‘This is how we live. This is how our neighborhood is. And we know that we have to be more careful.’ But when we hear from the educators, particularly in that school they look at it from the perspective of, ‘How’s that trauma affecting those children in that school? And how does it affect their ability to achieve academically?'” Sioux Falls Thrive, president, Michelle Erpenbach said.

The information revealed in the survey will help with Thrive’s Kid Link Initiative.

Action teams will help address the needs highlighted in the survey.

“Let’s follow that research and see what are the solutions. If we’ve got concerns about child care, what kinds of things can we change there? If there’s food security issues in this neighborhood, what are some things that might happen there?” Erbenbach said.

Kid Link Terry Redlin will also launch family nights at the school starting Tuesday.

Thrive first rolled out the weekly event in the Laura B. Anderson neighborhood.

Terry Redlin Principal Ryan DeGraff is excited it’s coming to his school.

“Anytime that we can bring families in for fun activities is just a great way to continue to build that community and build those connections,” Terry Redlin Elementary principal Ryan DeGraff said.

“When we look at these kids we look at our future. I know that sounds kind of corny, but it’s true,”Erpenbach said.

The first family night at Terry Redlin is this coming Tuesday from 5-6.

The report was done by the Augustana Research Institute.