SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Emergency workers across eastern South Dakota have been bracing for heat-related calls with this week’s heat wave. First responders say the Sioux Falls community has done an excellent job keeping cool and safe during this week’s sweltering conditions.

“Really nothing serious, nothing heat-related medical issues none of those calls the officers needed an ambulance. I think most people were doing the right thing and staying inside and taking care of themselves,” said Sam Clemens, public information officer, Sioux Falls Police Department.

No severe cases of heat stroke were reported in the Sioux Falls area this week, however, Patient Care EMS of Sioux Falls says you should be ready for any scenario.

“Make sure that you are dressed appropriately and make sure that you’re hydrating. Again, if you’re out in direct sunlight, wear sunscreen, protect yourself, protect your eyes, and wear sunglasses. Just take proactive steps to take care of yourself and prevent any heat-related incidences,” said Joshua Brumwell, chief operating officer, of Patient Care EMS Sioux Falls.

With about 2,000 calls each month and ten ambulances at the ready, getting the patient out of the heat is their first priority when dealing with heat-related calls.

“You want to get them out of the environment as soon as possible. Get them into the back of an ambulance where it’s cool and provide any measures or treatment that is needed to get them feeling a little better,” said Brumwell.

One early sign of heatstroke is feeling dehydrated.

“Thirst is something we see often if your body’s telling you thirsty, you need to hydrate. Usually, it’s natural, it’s normal to sweat. If you stop sweating, that’s a concern. You’ll become flushed in any dizziness you are going to want to get into the AC to cool yourself down,” said Brumwell.

If you notice someone who might be having a medical emergency due to the heat, you shouldn’t hesitate to call 911.