PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) – Watching from above as the now-former attorney general’s fate was sealed by senators on Tuesday were brothers Victor and Nick Nemec.

“So the question, having received a two-thirds majority vote of the members-elect, the president declares the attorney general of the state of South Dakota is disqualified from holding any office of trust or profit under the state as a result of being convicted of the first article of impeachment,” Lt. Gov. Larry Rhoden said.

The Senate convicted Jason Ravnsborg on two articles of impeachment and decided that he can never hold state office again.

“I’m happy that he can’t hold office in the state of South Dakota because he’s proven he’s untrustworthy,” Nick Nemec said.

“Relief is one of the best words I can use to describe it,” Victor Nemec said.

Joe Boever was their cousin.

“Joe was a soft-spoken man,” Nick Nemec said. “I would almost call him meek and mild. He didn’t want to bother anybody, didn’t want to put anybody out of their way. He was gardener, he rescued house plants that people didn’t want anymore.”

“He worked at the grocery store for a few years and customers always liked him, and after he was killed different people in Highmore would always tell me that they remember him from the grocery store and he was always very helpful,” Victor Nemec said.

Boever is survived by his widow Jennifer, who was also in the South Dakota Senate chamber on Tuesday.

“He gave my wife a jade plant as a gift that he had propagated, and anytime we look at that jade plant and it sits in the bay window of our living room, we’ll think of Joe, and he’ll live in our minds forever the way he was,” Nick Nemec said.