SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – With students back on college campuses this fall, universities are taking steps to make sure students and staff stay healthy and safe. But it doesn’t stop there.

Students have been back on campus for just under a month at Augustana University.

While masks are required on campus, and other efforts are in place to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the university is prepared to help those students who may be dealing with or have been exposed to the virus.

“On any given day we monitor how many current cases we have from an active standpoint, the recovered cases, pending cases which kind of tell me what is coming down the pike, but also how many people we have in quarantine or isolation,” associate vice president for safety and logistics, Rick Tupper said.

Currently, Tupper says Augustana University has 22 students in isolation and 100 students in quarantine.

“We go off campus, if you will, for all our quarantine and isolation, so it’s different properties that we own that we are putting students up in, whether they’re in a quarantine spot, or an isolation spot,” Tupper said.

He says students are contacted regularly by a staff member to see how they’re feeling.

Food is also dropped off.

“If you are in isolation or quarantine, food gets delivered to you, we’ve even had our athletic director delivering food to some folks so everybody has stepped up to try to deliver food twice a day to a number of people,” Tupper said.

The university also does contact tracing.

“We will look at who you’ve had contact with, we will look at your classrooms, if you’re an athlete where you may have come into contact with other teammates, or what your contact on and off campus is,” Tupper said.

Tupper says out of the 122 people in quarantine or isolation, some choose to stay in their homes, rather than in the school properties.