SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — We’re heading into six months of the baby formula shortage with many stores still having a hard time keeping shelves stocked.

Since the crisis began, more parents are looking for help breastfeeding.

Caitlin Van Den Top is a new mom to ten-week-old Daxton.

She decided to breastfeed her baby, partly because of the formula shortage.

“So that just gave me anxiety off the bat, but then also the benefits of breastfeeding, I really wanted to at least try it,” Mother Caitlin Van Den Top said.

The only problem is nursing was a challenge.

“He struggled with his latch and everything,” Van Den Top said.

Caitlin got help from Sanford Children’s lactation experts.

“In the past, it would take me like 45 minutes to feed him and it still didn’t feel like he was fully fed. And now, coming here, I can find out exactly how much he’s eating, and so he’ll eat in 20 minutes and he’ll get five ounces and he’s content and full,” Van Den Top said.

Caitlin says the services offered at Sanford Children’s CHILD Services are an important part of her breastfeeding journey.

“I don’t think I could’ve done it without the help and knowledge of these people,” Van Den Top said.

Other women are choosing to reach out for help too.

“Over the past few months, obviously, the formula shortage has definitely taken a toll on people everywhere and we’ve seen a huge intake in people really focusing either how to establish their supply, how to increase their supply, or just choosing to pump and bottle,” Perinatal community services nursing supervisor Brittany Christion said.

Caitlin knows breastfeeding isn’t an option for every mother.

“This is hard enough already to have the anxiety of where am I getting my baby’s next meal? I feel so bad for the women that have to deal with that because some people aren’t lucky enough to breastfeed,” Van Den Top said.

She is thankful it’s working for her family.

From breastfeeding preparation, to help after you’ve given birth, Sanford offers different programs for parents.