PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg was distracted while driving the night he struck and killed Joe Boever.

That was just one of the findings released Wednesday when the South Dakota Department of Public Safety briefed lawmakers on their lengthy and detailed investigation.

Next week, it’ll be up to lawmakers to decide if Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg committed any impeachable offenses.

To help them make up their minds, the South Dakota Department of Public Safety gave an hour-long presentation using pictures, graphics and video clips to explain what they believe happened the night of September 12th, 2020.

One lawmaker asked if they thought Ravnsborg was distracted.

“How do you explain somebody’s face coming through your windshield, their glasses coming into your car, a significant amount of glass coming inside of the vehicle, that person staying on your vehicle for approximately a second and being that far onto the shoulder then stopping 600 feet, which is three time the stopping distance, other than saying they were distracted,” Trooper John Berndt said.

Investigators say they even recreated the crash at the same time of night, using a similar car as Ravnsborg’s with the same kind of headlights and a man dressed in similar clothing as Joe Boever was wearing.

They concluded that Ravnsborg should have seen him.

“It doesn’t matter if Attorney General Ravnsborg’s lights were on high beam or low beam, you are going to see a person walking on the road at some point with your headlights on,” Trooper Berndt said.

Last week, the House Select Committee voted 6 to 2 to “not” recommend impeachment, but they never saw this presentation.

“We had prepared this same exact presentation for the House Select Committee and when we got there we were advised they read all of our reports and they were going to ask us questions that they had, so we weren’t allowed to give the presentation or the overview of what our investigation entailed we were only allowed to answer the questions that they had in regards to Attorney General Ravnsborg’s crash,” Sergeant Kevin Kinney of the Highway Patrol said.

The lawmaker who introduced the original impeachment resolution last year had this to say following Wednesday’s briefing.

“When we talk about impeachment that should only be reserved for grave and exceptional circumstances. This seems to be that. We have the death of one of our citizens where we have misstatements, untruths made to law enforcement and the public. I think it merits us looking into,” Representative Will Mortenson of Pierre said.

The full house will consider the possible impeachment of the attorney general next week.