SIOUX FALLS, S.D (KELO) — With warmer weather finally here, street crews with the City of Sioux Falls are able to start their hot mix production to repair roads.

This water main break has been on the City’s repair list for the last few weeks. While water breaks are not uncommon…

“We have a lot of water main breaks, especially in the spring-fall when the temperatures or the ground moves underneath and the pipes just break,” said Charlie Putzier, street maintenance supervisor.

This one happens to be in a heavy-traffic area.

“Since it’s here and kind of high profile, we’re going to come into this afternoon and try and take care of her today,” Putzier said.

Dustin Hansen with the City of Sioux Falls says crews only have a limited timeline to get these repairs done and asked for patience from residents.

“We have a short window, typically from that May time frame to the end of October, sometimes November to get all this maintenance and new construction done,” said Dustin Hansen, street operations manager.

The City was able to start its hot mix production on Monday, which allows workers to get repairs like this underway.

“As you get in heavier traffic areas, it tends to kind of push that material out. So we really need that hot mix to really fix it efficiently,” Hansen said.

As crews make repairs, Putzier says drivers should watch for signs and workers.

“The signs aren’t just up there for color. I mean we have guys working out there so you’ll want to slow down. I mean it’s going to be 30 seconds to get around us and then you can go on with your day,” Putzier said.

That water main break is expected to be prepped for the hot mix Wednesday. The project is expected to be done early Thursday morning.