SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — You don’t have to be a sports fan to appreciate our top story.

A young Sioux Falls baseball player is celebrating his first homerun of the season.

While that’s quite an accomplishment, it’s what he did after he hit the homerun that has America talking.

“I mean he was a pretty slow pitcher,” Felix said.

It was the last game of the season; bases loaded, when 9-year-old Felix Carrier-Damon did something he had never done before…

Felix smacked one to right field.

“Darn it that ball kept rolling, rolling, rolling all the way to the fence here goes those little legs for an inside-the-park homerun,” Bruce Carrier said.

Felix hit a grand slam.

His grandpa, who is probably Felix’s biggest fan, never misses a game.

And that’s why Felix did something else that surprised everyone, including his mom. After the game, he gave grandpa the homerun ball.

“It says Papa I love you, why did you do that, because you taught me everything about baseball, that’s so sweet,” Bruce Carrier said.

It brought him to tears.

“It just took me by surprise and I got pretty emotional,” Bruce Carrier said.

Felix says it just seemed like the right thing to do.

“He’s played catch with me a lot in the back, he’s thrown me ground balls, and he’s taken me to the batting cages and he’s been at all of my games, so he’s really important to me,” Felix said.

Mom is the one who shot this video.

“I knew how my heart felt when I took it, I saw it and was crying on the other side of the camera, but I didn’t expect them to be so emotional about it,” Melissa Carrier-Damon said.

She just wanted to share it with her family, but when she posted it on social media, it blew up the next day.

“I woke up and I told my husband, there’s something wrong, there’s all these people liking this and people are contacting me,” Melissa said.

One moment in time that has now touched the hearts of thousands of people who have watched it.

“How else are you supposed to react, that was me just reacting to him that he was that generous to share with me,” Carrier said.

And if generosity was a baseball game, well Felix you just hit another homerun.

Felix actually hit two homeruns during that game. Grandpa got the second ball.