RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — Winter months are one of the busiest times of year for homeless shelters. That’s especially the case when temperatures dip to dangerously cold levels. In Rapid City, shelters are doing their best to keep up.

From hats and gloves to warm food and coffee, donations are needed at the Cornerstone Mission.
Executive Director, Lysa Allison, says many essential supplies are being affected by supply chain issues.

“Most households have 4 to 6 people, well we’ve got 150 people plus I don’t know who is coming in for dinner that night so we are just trying to make do with what we’ve had. We’ve had to change a few brands. We’ve had to wait longer than anticipated and it’s just created some shortages that we don’t normally have,” Allison said.

At the Cornerstone Mission, there are about one hundred beds for people without homes. Right now, all of them are full with 40 extra people sleeping on the floor.

“The winter is always our busiest season. And we are just going to do what we can to keep safe and to keep them out of the elements,” Allison said.

Over at the Hope Center, Executive Director, Melanie Timm says the facility sees over two hundred people a day during this time.

“It makes for a loud room and a busy room when we have more people staying longer indoors,” Timm said.

So Timm is asking the public for a different kind of donation..

“There is a lot of organizations that could use people’s help. So I guess my only plea would be that if anybody has any free time to donate their time. Because right now everyone is in need of some extra hands,” Timm said.