SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A college volleyball match in Nebraska is sending a strong message about women’s sports.

Support is stronger than ever, and it’s growing.

More than 92,000 fans showed up to watch the Nebraska Cornhuskers take on the University of Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks.

That’s a world record for attendance at a women’s sporting event.

Volleyball fans took over a football stadium in Lincoln on Wednesday.

O’Gorman volleyball player Lauren Meyer tuned in for the big match.

“It was super crazy,” Meyer said.

“It was a fun one. It was crazy, just mind-blowing,” O’Gorman head volleyball coach Cale Hecht said. “I’ve been to Nebraska football games and it’s like that’s not a big surprise in this day and age to have however many people there for a football game, but to think they sold it out for a volleyball game, a Nebraska volleyball game with 92,000, set a world record, I think it was just mind-blowing, cool to see.”

O’Gorman fans may have an extra reason to be excited about the big moment in volleyball.

The two teams feature three alums in Husker Bergen Reilly and Mavericks Meghan and Makayla Tiahrt.

“I’m proud of them because I’ve seen how they’ve grown and everything like that even though I’m younger, but I think they left a big impact on O’Gorman volleyball too,” Meyer said.

And now they’re a part of a historic day in women’s sports.

The previous record for attendance at a women’s sporting event was set at a soccer match in Spain.