DELL RAPIDS, S.D. (KELO) — We all know how much pride South Dakota’s small towns take in supporting their high school sports teams. The state football championships are underway at the Dakota Dome in Vermillion today. At two o’clock, the West Central Trojans took on the Quarriers of Dell Rapids.

But this afternoon, people were lining up outside the Dells Theater to watch a different kind of thriller—the “big” game on the “big” screen. Greg and Jeannie Ammon decided to come to the theater to watch the game.

“Our kids all graduated form Dell Rapids High School and our son played football for the Quarriers,” said Greg Ammon. “And now our grandson is in South Dakota junior football he’s eleven years old, 5th grade, and can’t wait to be a Quarrier in high school.”

Owner Brian Anderson came up with the idea to show the game being played in Vermillion at the theater. People came in for free, but many lined up at the concession counter to get a little popcorn to munch on during the game.

“Since we didn’t travel down there, this is a really cool way to be together with other people that are fans too,” said Jeannie Ammon.

Anderson even set up a TV in the lobby so people getting concessions don’t miss any action.
15 years ago, movie theaters were still showing 35-millimeter films, but now the systems are computerized. So Anderson can stream the game directly through his projection room.

“Since we have the digital equipment, years ago we weren’t able to do this and so I figured since we have the capability of doing it and its not during one of our scheduled show times, why not show the game on the big screen,” said Anderson.

Giving fans like the Ammons a chance to root for their hometown team in the comfort of their hometown theater. The fans at the theater were just as excited as the fans at the Dakota Dome, because the Quarriers won the game against West Central 42 to 6.