WATERTOWN, S.D. (KELO) — The recent spike of warm temperatures has set off moderate flooding in Watertown.

It’s not unusual to see ducks enjoying the water, but this isn’t a lake. It’s the Big Sioux River flooding McKinley Park in the central part of town.

“It is concerning I feel for all the homeowners around the area,” said Nancy Borkhuis, resident.

Nancy Borkhuis has lived in Watertown her entire life. She says she hasn’t seen flooding this bad in years.

“We’ve sandbagged. My mom lives across the street. We’ve been trying to keep the water out of her basement,” Borkhuis said.

This isn’t the only place in town with moderate flooding. The City is taking precautions and setting up sandbags here and in other parts of town.

“We’ve done a street closure at 10th Avenue because that is the area that we first see the flooding impact. And then so just keeping an eye on all of these other locations along the river,” said Brandi Hanten, Flood Plan Manager and Community Development Manager.

From yesterday to today, Lake Kampeska rose 15 inches. That number has now increased to 17 inches, as new water continues to run into the lake. City officials expect that number to continue rising.

“The lake is like a bladder for the Big Sioux River, because it has the same inlet and outlet. So the lake will continue to fill until the river crests and then the water can exit,” Hanten said.

Hanten says lake residents should also keep watch for moving ice on the lake.

The Big Sioux River is expected to crest around 1 am tomorrow morning.

Hanten says the wastewater treatment facility is currently experiencing higher flows. Residents should not put sump pump, lake water, or flood water into the sanitary sewer system.

You can find flooding updates for Watertown here.