HARRISBURG, S.D. (KELO) — This week’s spike in temperatures has many AC units across KELOLAND struggling to keep up.

When we stopped by the Union Gospel Mission this week to see how the non-profit is helping people keep cool in the heat, we found out the mission was having trouble with air conditioning.

“It’s kind of our admin area. We do art here we have people coming in for appointments. It died. So the heat of the day, I guess just over time, things go bad,” said Eric Weber, CEO.

It isn’t the only place where people have been struggling to keep cool. Harrison Bosler with Howe Inc. has been repairing ACs all over the region.

“Summer is definitely the busiest months for us. And then right before we know it winter is usually coming around to haunt us,” said Harrison Bosler, HVAC technician.

Howe Inc. has eight to 10 HVAC technicians repairing around 40 to 60 units a day. Bosler says there are ways you can be sure your AC unit stays running.

“My biggest priority is if you can at least try and get maintenance twice a year on your system and changing your filter regularly for your furnace,” Bosler.

As for how he stays cool while working outside..

“One of the biggest things is shade as much as possible. And then we use these cooling rigs to they like to wrap around and try to just keep our body temperatures cool as we can when we’re trying to we’re currently in hot conditions,” Bosler said.

In addition to repairs, Bosler says they are also installing more air conditioners.