MADISON, S.D. (KELO) – From cyber security to networking, a week long camp at Dakota State University is teaching students about all things cyber.

Jules Swiniarski is spending her morning learning about programming. It’s part of a GenCyber camp at Dakota State University.

“In programming we are working on coding raspberry pi’s,” attending GenCyber camp, Jules Swiniarski said. “You hook it up to a monitor and keyboard and you’re able to, it opens up a coding program, and you’re able to write code.”

High school students will learn about different topics relating to cyber, whether that be at a beginner or advanced level.

“They’re exploring cyber security concepts, programming, how networking works, how the internet functions, how to stay safe online, ethics, all the big stuff that we want kids exposed to from our region,” camp director, Kyle Cronin said.

For McKenzie Pitts, this isn’t her first time attending one of these camps.

“It’s a lot of fun and you make a lot of new friends, part of the reason why I came back is because of the knowledge that I get and because I made a lot of new friends last year,” attending GenCyber camp, McKenzie Pitts said.

There are about 130 high school students from 16 different states participating in the camp this week.

“Starting them out, getting them interested in a career while they’re young and then see some education opportunities here at DSU and other places too and then what that can mean for a future career for them,” Cronin said.

Knowledge that will benefit these students into the future.

“I think the world is moving on to digital so I think it’s always good to have a broad understanding of what technology is and how it works for us,” Swiniarski said.

The camp runs all week and is sponsored by the National Security Agency.