BRANDON, S.D. (KELO) — The fall sports season is in full swing, but the upcoming heat and humidity will quickly remind us that it’s still summer.

The Brandon Valley High School boys soccer team is enjoying one last practice before the heat settles in.

“It’s kind of been up and down. We’ve had a lot of practices where it’s been super hot and we’ve had to talk to the guys about what to do about that,” Brandon Valley head coach Chris Limmer said.

Head coach Chris Limmer says there have already been some important lessons learned.

“Early on we had guys with small water bottles showing up and they’re done with the water bottle in like ten minutes, so a lot of education about, especially the younger guys, about how much water to be drinking, not just here, but before, during, and after practice or a hard game,” Limmer said.

The Lynx’s next match will be under Saturday’s sweltering sun, and shelters will be put to use.

“Usually take water breaks or hydration breaks, at least one per half during a game, and just like let the players come off, cool down,” Limmer said.

With the heat index expected to climb above 100 degrees, the players and coaches will be looking out for each other.

“I’m a captain and I have to keep track of them,” Brandon Valley senior Nolan Baker said.

Nolan Baker is a senior.

“Just drink a lot of water, hydration is important,” Baker said.

“If they’re not sweating or they’re feeling chilled or something like that, I think that’s one symptom that we watch for, otherwise just guys not looking like themselves or really fatigued,” Limmer said.

“They’re running less than usual and they don’t look right to me, they’re running slower,” Baker said.

Most importantly, Limmer stresses to players to not be afraid to say something if they’re not feeling well.

Brandon Valley is set to host Harrisburg on Saturday, with the girls match scheduled for 11:00 a.m., followed by the boys at 1:00. Limmer says those times could be adjusted due to the extreme temperatures.