SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — An organization that strives to make children in foster care feel at home is helping families prepare for the first day of school.

The Closet is hosting its Back to School event.

“Everything the kid would need to go back to school with confidence,” The Closet Executive Director Holly Christensen said.

Executive Director Holly Christensen says the kids are able to select a backpack and fill it with school supplies, and then find the perfect outfit.

“The kids are excited when they get to pick out their shoes. You hear kids jumping up and down and giggling with excitement as they pick out items,” Christensen said.

The Closet provided the back-to-school experience for about 200 kids last year. They assisted nearly half that number on Monday alone, and hope to help out about 350 kids total this year.

“We want them to build that self-esteem and confidence going into school, knowing that they will fit in with every other kid in the school they’re in,” Christensen said.

“To have all the supplies, to be prepared, it’s nice for them to walk in and feel like everybody else and still have that good experience even though they’re not in their comfort zone,” Montrose, SD foster parent Patricia Ball said.

Patricia Ball made the trip from Montrose, South Dakota.

“I have four foster children and to be able to afford to get them all of their school supplies and clothes, we come here,” Ball said.

And for good reason.

“I have other children at home and to be able to go out and buy all the supplies myself, we wouldn’t be able to do it,” Ball said.

“You can feel the stress and see the stress coming off their body as they walk out knowing that their kids are ready to go back to school. We’ve even have some families break down in tears because they’re just truly relieved” Christensen said.

Ready for day one of school.

The Closet is currently hosting two foster families per hour, by appointment only, through Saturday.