SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — People are still assessing all the damage from yesterday’s violent storms.

From downed trees to power lines and damaged rooftops, there’s a lot of work to get done yet, but in Huron where there’s a lot of damage, people aren’t wasting any time cleaning up.

It looks like a cannon went off at the Beadle County Courthouse…

“It was just wham, then sheets of rain, you couldn’t see it was that bad,” Doug Ramsell Beadle County Commission Chairman said.

…as strong winds toppled tree after tree.

“These trees have been here for years. We’ll get’er cleaned up, we got a good crew, good people,” Dennis Drake Beadle County Commissioner said.

Larry Sargent, who works on a farm, can say the same thing.

When his trees went down, the farm hands showed up.

“It’s very touching to work with a bunch of good guys,” Sargent said.

Gaylen Bridge only had one tree at his house….. you’re looking at it. His only tree was no match for mother nature.

“My guess is that it blew between 60-90 mph for a better part of an hour,” Bridge said.

He says it was loud.

“Then the sirens went off and between the thunder, the wind, and sirens it sounded like locomotives,” Bridge said.

Crews are working to restore power to some parts of town.

The golf course has a few more water hazards and some roads are still blocked in and around Huron.

Johnny Richmond came to help his father-in-law who also lost trees.

“Community, that’s just how the community works here; somebody needs a hand everybody jumps in,” Richmond said.

That’s the same thing they did two months ago when another storm, packing strong winds, hit the town.

“Boy these people, they just go to work and it only takes them a day or two and they have the town cleaned up,” Bridge said.

His neighbor, who is trying to put a positive spin on the storm, says if you need firewood, come and get it….it’s free.

The Huron area picked up around 5 to 6 inches of rain.