SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO)– A familiar holiday sound is returning to stores across KELOLAND. But first, the Salvation Army needs employees and volunteers.

The Red Kettle Campaign is a tradition that goes back to the start of the Salvation Army. But, they can’t make it happen without employees and volunteers– something there is a short supply of this year.

The Salvation Army bells are beginning to ring in the holiday season. However, the Red Kettle Campaign is in desperate need for people to ring bells at 40 locations across Sioux Falls.

“At present, we only have 15 bell ringers that are employed, we do need quite a few more, we need another 10 before we can start,” said Major Marlys Anderson.

“It’s a very positive experience, people are quite generous here and it gives you a lot of faith in humanity that’s been a little lacking here lately,” said Rollie, bell ringer.

A lot of the bell ringers are paid employees, providing more jobs for those who need them.

“It’s kind of doing a double service there for us, we are making the income for our kettle season for our goal and for our yearly income and then we are also helping these other people out that do need a job,” Anderson said.

People typically do not work the entire season.

“We have to transition through with about 25 to 50 bell ringers…especially after Thanksgiving, we’re looking at about 30 bell ringers a day,” said Anderson.

Volunteers are also an important part of the mission.

“We never can have enough volunteers, I can’t emphasis that enough,” said Anderson.

It’s another way to give back to the community this holiday season.

“Knowing that you’re helping somebody who’s in need is a very uplifting and wonderful thing to happen as you give to other people,” said Anderson.

It’s mostly a positive thing and everybody needs a little good news right now,” said Rollie.

Right now, the only kettle in Sioux Falls is set up at Hobby Lobby, but the other locations will begin collections starting this Friday.