SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Human trafficking happens all over the country, even here in South Dakota, making it more common than you may think. And now one organization will soon be opening a housing complex that will help survivors and their families, but they need your help.

Call to Freedom provides support for victims of human trafficking, including housing.

It broke ground on Marissa’s Housing Project back in June, and it will be ready for survivors on April 1st.

“We went to the community and we said we want to provide survivors with safe, supportive housing, but also for their children as well, so that they can learn to be parents and be supported in that process, so the community answered the call, and in about 7 months we raised enough money to fully pay for the housing,” executive director, Becky Rasmussen said.

There are 12 units in the housing complex, and each one needs to be furnished. That’s how you can help. Call to Freedom has a Walmart registry for you to purchase items.

“When they come into that house, it’s fully furnished, they don’t have anything that they need to bring, that they can walk in and really just focus on their healing,” Rasmussen said.

Items on the registry include things like shower curtains, bedding, cribs, even just card games for kids.

“There are various different items that have not been purchased, you can go ahead and click on those items, pay for it confidentially, or you can send your information to us so we can recognize you as a donor, and those will get shipped to us and we can start putting together apartments and making homes for survivors,” Rasmussen said.

Soon, these apartments will be the first place many survivors will call home in a long time.

“This is really what it is, beginning a new journey, getting a new life, that we want to honor survivors by saying here’s your home and we are not requiring anything in return except for you to really work the program so you can do well and transition out into the community and be successful,” Rasmussen said.

To find the registry, just head to Call to Freedom’s website.