VALLEY SPRINGS, S.D. (KELO) — As the Thanksgiving holiday weekend wraps up, many people are on the road and headed back home — which was the case for some of the people KELOLAND News spoke to on Sunday but not everyone.

It’s one of the busiest travel times of the year, and now a lot of people are on the road, including Wes Schroeder and his family. They live in Rapid City and just celebrated Thanksgiving in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

“Our son lives out there, so we went back out to Minnesota to visit him for the Thanksgiving, and my son-in-law and daughter were also with and their parents are out in Cold Spring, and my wife was with, so yeah, we just threw everybody in the truck and headed back east,” Schroeder said.

Schroeder says it’s about a nine-hour drive.

“We just go to Sioux Falls, we grab a cup of coffee and pretty soon we’re back in Rapid City, so no big deal,” he said.

Mike and Dan Krueger are traveling from northern Wisconsin to South Dakota for pheasant hunting. It’s an annual family tradition.

“We stop every little while to stretch our legs, but we’re heading out to Mitchell to buy our licenses and some ammunition and then going to Miner County and Howard to hunt pheasants. My dad has been going out there for 45 years or so. I’ve been going out for the last 30 or so,” Mike said.

They say it’s about a 12-hour drive and even haul Christmas trees to South Dakota for some specific people.

“My dad and my two other brothers own a wholesale tree nursery in northern Wisconsin, so we always cut a couple of Christmas trees for the farmers that allow us to hunt,” Mike said.

Mick Marquardt is from Washington state. He, his wife and dog Zoey are on their final leg of a cross-country road trip that started November 4.

“We pulled a trailer with a bunch of furniture to deliver to our daughter in Minneapolis, and then to our brother-in-law in Chicago, and then to our daughter in Connecticut. And also to visit our son in Maryland near Washington, D.C., so we’ll be about 7,000 miles when we get done,” Marquardt said.

Marquardt says they should be home to Washington by Tuesday.

“From here we go to Rapid City, we have a motel. And then we’ll go up into Montana where my wife’s good friends have a big ranch in Montana, and we’ll stay there for a night, and then we’ll drive home. Each section is going to be 600-700 miles,” he said.

AAA projected that 54.6 million people would travel for the Thanksgiving holiday nationwide.