HARTFORD, S.D. (KELO) – A Cinco de Mayo party is underway at one KELOLAND Brewery Thursday night. They’re also helping one of their employees celebrate her heritage.

Michelle Edgecomb-Schilling has worked at Buffalo Ridge Brewing for about a year.

She admits that while she wasn’t originally a fan of trying new beers, that’s changed and she’s now created a brew of her own.

“I would see all the brewers back there brewing these amazing beers, it smells wonderful, maybe I could do something like that, so brought it up to the owners, thought ahead, and thought what about for Cinco De Mayo, it would be a great homage to my culture and heritage and come up with something I like, that represents me, but also the public would like,” beertender, Michelle Edgecomb-Schilling said.

It’s being released just in time for the business’s Cinco de Mayo celebration.

“I’ve been raised to be proud of my Mexican heritage and today is a day where we can recognize that and have a little fun and enjoy friends and family,” Edgecomb-Schilling said. “I tend to like a darker beer, and so I went for a malty, toasty, caramel notes in there, there’s a little bit of raisin flavor as well, a little more bready.”

The brewery is decorated for tonight’s party which starts at 5:00.

“Smoked Culture is coming in, they’re going to have some smoked street tacos for the food option tonight,” owner, and brewer, Chris Tuschen said. “We are a community-focused business, we like to bring a lot of people into town from out of town, as well as a lot of the community downtown to try to bring awareness to the activities and options that are going on here.”

An event bringing people together to celebrate with food, drinks and community.

“Mexico it’s celebrated with parades, food, dancing, it is a huge celebration, so there is a lot of the same thing but in a large scale, but we can still do the smaller scale,” Edgecomb-Schilling said.

The event is from 5:00 to 9:00 Thursday night.