HARTFORD, S.D. (KELO) – Many people in eastern KELOLAND are still dealing with the damage from last week’s deadly storms. Some lost homes, leaving them with questions about what comes next.

In a matter of minutes, last week’s derecho changed the life of the Longhenry family in Hartford.

“It was literally sun shining through the windows and light and bright and then the next second it was just black, you know, and the sky was falling,” Ashlee Longhenry said. “The roof was completely removed from the trailer house.”

A trailer house they had just spent around $6,000 renovating.

“And we were told because of the amount we purchased for in the beginning, it wasn’t worth insuring. So there was no insurance on the home,” Longhenry said.

Rain came into the now roofless house, making it unsalvageable. They are staying with family while they figure out what comes next.

“We struggled with finances after COVID as well so we can’t actually close on a house until September, which means we will be homeless until that time,” Longhenry said.

A GoFundMe page was started to help the Longhenry’s get back on their feet.

“Not just members of our family or members of our community in Hartford, but so many people have reached out to offer help, whether it’s housing dogs or offering clothing donations or one family offered to let us live in their RV for free for the summer, you know,” Longhenry said. “People have done so much and it’s just, we wanted an opportunity to say thank you to those who have done that. We’re just really grateful to be here and be able to solve the problem.”

Ashlee was in the house with her husband, son and three dogs when the storm hit. Everyone got out safely.