HARRISBURG, S.D. (KELO) –Last time KELOLAND News profiled the Tiger Robotics Team Cap-ten, the Harrisburg students were preparing for a World Championship competition taking place in Dallas, Texas.

After months of preparing and building their robot Jim, Cap-ten faced off against teams from all over the world at the 2023 Vex Robotics World Championship Tournament and came out on top as World Champions.

“It felt amazing! I could not wipe the smile off my face for so long,” said Micah Scheaffer, Captain of Cap-ten.

“When you actually do it’s just unreal and to think that you’re at the top, like there’s no more climbing there’s no more steps, you are there and it’s just it’s unreal is to think like that,” said Collin Ballew, Driver of Cap-ten.

More than 800 teams from 50 different countries competed against each other with their robotic creations.

“You get to go against really equal teams and maybe even better than you. And it’s definitely an eye opening experience. It gets you into new strategies as well,” Ballew said.

“We were all kind of texting and stuff with other teammates and team members back here. And everybody was watching online, too. So that was kind of fun to share it with them,” said Noel Scheaffer, father and coach.

Cap-ten paired up with Bark Bots from California for the final match up, and were able to work together to secure the win.

“We made a strong alliance, we worked very well together. And we were able to, you know, win it all,” Scheaffer said.

This was Cap-tens’ last competition as a high school team, closing the book with a final victory.

“It’s the number one experience like we couldn’t have done better. It’s awesome to be able to finish off our robotics career with the biggest award you can possibly get in robotics,” Ballew said.

“I’ve learned so much. I’ve made so many good friends within my team and like within our organization and all of VEX Robotics. It’s something I’ll definitely miss competing and being with these guys,” Scheaffer said.

With this latest win, Cap-ten has won over 40 awards for their robotic creations.

The team says they plan to continue studying engineering and programming into college.