SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — When it comes to crime, this next story of theft at a hair salon probably won’t make your hair stand on end.

But it might raise your eyebrows in disbelief, because it’s one of the most unusual thefts you’ll ever hear about and see, because it was captured on surveillance video.

“She was young,” Olivia Boyum said.

Take a good look at this customer on surveillance video from Chameleon Hair Design, because she’s going to commit a crime.

“She was very shy, but I didn’t question it too much, a lot of people really don’t like to talk,” Olivia said.

Olivia Boyum cuts, colors and styles people’s hair all the time. But what happened to her last month she says was shocking.

In late August, she had a consultation for a color correction on the young woman you see in this surveillance video.

Take notice, she’s not wearing a mask and appears to be looking at all the surveillance cameras in the salon.

She sits and waits for her consultation and if you know anything about hair designs, a color correction can be expensive.

“It’s not a cheap service it’s a lot of time and my talent and all of that so you definitely pay for that,” Boyum said.

Four days later, the girl returns to the salon to get the color correction done, only this time she’s wearing a mask and looking a little bit nervous as she once again looks at the surveillance cameras.

But when Olivia was doing the last coloring things went wrong.

“So we left her to process for about 30 minutes and when I went to the back and put down my bowl, came back out about four minutes in between and she was gone,” Boyum said.

You see her in the surveillance video just walk out the front door and in a hurry to leave.

“It’s not super uncommon for people to run out to there car or run to the restroom for different things like that so I didn’t want to panic right away,” Boyum said.

But when she never returned, Olivia tried calling her on her cell phone and that’s when she realized she had been duped.

“She doesn’t pick up and it goes to her voice mail which isn’t set up,” Boyum said.

Olivia was out nearly $500 worth of work and her cape.

“Yes, she has my cape, it was a good cape, too, I was so sad about that it was one of our nice brand new capes in the footage you can see her running out the door with our cape on,” Olivia said.

Olivia filed a police report and has the young woman’s name, but she’s not sure if it is her real name.

If anyone recognizes her, Olivia says she should have bright red hair.