For many years, Habitat for Humanity has been providing homeowners with the tools to improve their homes. This summer they’re taking those tools into their own hands through their Neighborhood Revitalization program.

The nonprofit has been putting on this program for over 8 years now, and with the help of volunteers from across KELOLAND there’s no problem they can’t help with.

It focuses on building up neighborhoods and their residents who are in need.

“A lot of times its things that they’re just not able to do themselves at the moment. Whether it’s an elderly couple that needs some help maybe somebody with some physical limitations or some financial limitations,” Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Greater Sioux Falls Rocky Welker said.

Individuals, businesses and other smaller community’s can volunteer their time to help out with various projects on the Habitat’s list.

“It’s all volunteer basis. A lot of times it’ll be a business or organization whose employees want to find a way to give back,” Welker said.

For this project, the company Gallagher is working with Habitat to help restore a house.

“I’m painting a door right now. So, I’m working on this door – painting a door. We’re all painting and staining and stuff like that,” Volunteer from Gallagher Insurance, Risk Management and Consulting Grant Lueders said.

Projects can range from staining decks, sanding, painting, and other household maintenance. This is the company’s first time helping out with Neighborhood Revitalization.

“We like to try to do a community outreach project of some sort a couple of times of the year. This is just one of those and we always have a lot of fun doing them. It gets us out of the office; gets everybody together working on a project that’s not necessarily work-related,” Lueders said.

The volunteers also help pay for equipment and tools that help get the job done.

“You get to meet so many amazing people that… you know they’re working so hard to make their lives and the environment a better place, and a lot of them just need that extra little bit, right, to help them over the edge. And that’s what we’re happy to be able to provide,” Welker said.

“Any time you get the chance to help somebody out… somebody who is in need or has a need that any time you can do that feels really good to do it and, so especially when you do it with some of your colleagues and friends that helps a lot too,” Lueders said.

Habitat is still looking for volunteers through July and August.