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There’s more fall out Wednesday night over South Dakota’s new gun law.

Last night we told you starting Monday, people will no longer need a permit to carry a concealed gun and that includes kids who are with a parent or legal guardian.

After our story aired, the Sioux Falls School District contacted us to make sure students who return to the classrooms next fall, know that weapons are not allowed on school property.

South Dakota’s new gun law that takes affect July 1 has triggered a firestorm of comments with our viewers and on social media, but it’s also caught the attention of the Sioux Falls School District.

“Now it’s like yeah it’s here, this is what’s going to happen,” Bob Bray risk manager with the Sioux Falls School District said.

Bob Bray is the risk manager with the Sioux Falls School District. It’s his job to ensure all kids are safe when they come to school.

The district has a policy against weapons of any kind on school grounds, but Bray wants to remind parents and students, it’s also against the law.

“We wanted to make sure the public knows, that while you do not have to have a permit to carry a concealed, there still is a South Dakota law that prohibits weapons firearms in particular on school property,” Bray said.

Yesterday, KELOLAND News asked the governor specifically about the provision in the law that allows kids to carry concealed guns if they’re with a parent or legal guardian.

“We will deal with and look at and listen to our law enforcement officers as this law is put into place and see if changes need to be made, but as it’s going forward as it has in other states before, this is pretty standard and what language has been enacted before,” Governor Kristi Noem said.

The school district has had a few incidents in the past where students have brought guns onto school grounds, Bray says mostly by accident, but he wants to re-emphasize to them, don’t bring them on school grounds.

“Just because you can now carry without a permit, doesn’t mean you can carry anywhere,” Bray said.

Besides schools, no one, other than a uniformed law enforcement officer, can carry a firearm into any establishment that generates more than half of its income from alcohol sales, or a county courthouse.

To read up on South Dakota’s gun laws, click here

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