SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A group of paddlers are traveling through Siouxland to raise awareness and money for a project to help people with disabilities.

Members of the Peacemaker Paddle Initiative traveled the Missouri River, and they’re trying to raise $180,000 to build a waterpark in Florida for people with disabilities.

Eddie Hall became disabled when he was hit by a car when he was very young.

“It was a very traumatic incidence that took place,” Hall said. “I broke my left arm twice. Three times crushed the elbow. Broke my right leg once, broke my left leg twice, had a compound fracture.”

He said he’s thankful to still be alive and now he wants to make an impact with the Peacemaker Paddle Initiative.

“Being a part of this Peacemaker Paddle was something that needed to be done. We’re trying to raise the funds needed to build stirring waters, a fully accessible waterpark in Lake Wells, Florida,” Hall said.

Bill Redmon helped organize the Peacemaker Paddle event. He said people with disabilities face a wide variety of challenges every day.

“They might have an electric wheelchair and no place to plug it in to charge it. It could be as simple as that. It could be as simple as being overcrowded, they’re floating the lazy river and other kids are climbing over their tube while they’re floating the lazy river. They just don’t have enough space,” Redmon said.

The group is hoping to raise $180,000 and Redmon said he’s hopeful locals will get involved.

“I don’t have a disabilities background. I just see the need and feel like guys we should be doing something. We’ve got it easy, we need to make it easy for everyone,” Redmon said.

Their trip will end on Wednesday in Pelican Point State Park Recreation Area in Burt County in Nebraska.