SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — There is a new trailer in Sioux Falls to bring valuable commodities to the city’s food deserts.

Thrive hosted a first look of the new mobile market, which shows us the innovative way it will bring a grocery store to people’s neighborhoods.

The Eat Well Sioux Falls Mobile Market is making its debut, all thanks to community members who wanted to make sure everyone in the city has access to food.

“We did sit down with them, and this group that wrote the grant, met every week for three months, putting this together, and thinking through what would be the needs and how can we make this happen and how can it be affordable and how can you make it dignified? All of those topics, were important to that process,” President of Sioux Falls Thrive Michelle Erpenbach said.

The group chose a mobile market instead of a brick and mortar store to expand the reach.

“My hope is that we can actually start filling some gaps. We aren’t a competition to the big box stores like Hy-Vee or Walmart. We’re just in addition to try to provide as much food and as much healthy food to people in these neighborhoods and make it where they can you know walk down the street and get it,” Market Manager for Eat Well Sioux Falls Mobile Market Luke Senst said.

Senst explained how their scheduling will work.

“So if we are in a neighborhood, we’re gonna be very strategic and we’re going to be very reliant. We want to be at, if we are at Word of Life on a Tuesday, we are going to be there every Tuesday. At the same time so people can know they can set their schedule and they can get the grocery shopping done in that time,” Senst said.

Mayor Paul Tenhaken made the very first purchase.

“The mayor shops here, of course, and the question is, you know, is there a means test? No. This is about the community and this is about dignity. Everyone shops in a grocery store. Doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you make. This is your grocery store. It’s in your neighborhood. Come on in,” Erpenbach said.

The market is starting at three locations, but that should expand by the beginning of November.

Click here for more information on their current locations.