SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — Golfers are still able to get their swings in at a Sioux Falls business that’s still under repair from last week’s storm. The strong winds brought down much of the massive netting surrounding a driving range. But the netting’s great fall was right on course at Great Shots.

Mother Nature played through the driving range at Great Shots last week, clubbing the business with winds topping 80 miles an hour.

“When you step out and watch it, it’s like holy smokes,” Great Shots Director of Operations Jonathan Buckley said.

Crews are still making repairs to the nylon netting that’s actually designed to fall away when winds surpass 50 miles an hour.

“The nets have a clip that they’re attached to the cables with. That clip will break away whenever we get certain winds or certain weight-loads of ice,” Buckley said.

Great Shots would have a much bigger problem to fix if the netting didn’t give way because the tall poles would have toppled along with the nets.

“And we certainly don’t want to experience that. I personally experienced that at another facility years ago in Oklahoma and it shut down a lot longer and a lot more danger,” Buckley said.

Golfers were back at Great Shots the day after the storm. Regulars are surprised that the business was back open so soon.

“I saw pictures on Facebook and in the news about how down it was and it’s crazy that it’s up and running again,” Ella Hoogeveen of Rock Valley, IA said.

Playing in the wind is all part of the game of golf. After all, we live in South Dakota where the wide-open prairies serve as a massive wind tunnel to begin with. But 80 miles an hour? That’s enough to send anybody scurrying into the clubhouse.

“We were fortunate that we only experienced some net damage. Our thoughts go out to those around the community that experienced a lot more damage,” Buckley said.

In the aftermath of the storm, golfers, who may still be shaken by the weather, can wind-down, by teeing-off.

Crews have replaced all the netting on the east side of the driving range. They’re scheduled to start replacing the west side over the weekend, weather permitting.