SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A sure sign of spring… Snirtfest at Great Bear Ski Valley in Sioux Falls.

Winter is showing no signs of calling it quits, but Great Bear Ski Valley is set to close up shop.

“Every season has to come to an end at some point and although we have a lot of snow left on the hill, the quality of that snow is starting to deteriorate a little bit. We’ve had a lot of moisture in there and there’s a lot of ice on the hill,” Great Bear Ski Valley General Manager Dan Grider said.

The snow is heading downhill but General Manager Dan Grider says it’s been a record-breaking season.

“This year, we’ve surpassed 65,000 visits. To put that into context, our biggest year prior to this was 49,500, so just unprecedented numbers,” Grider said.

Great Bear will end its season on Sunday with a festival of fun known as Snirtfest.

“We always call it snirt because that’s a combination of snow and dirt, hence Snirtfest. Every year we have a theme. This year’s theme is Bearstock, so break out all your 60’s gear,” Grider said.

“One big last hurrah to say goodbye to everybody from the season,” Great Bear Executive Assistant Jolene Stangeland said.

Jolene Stangeland works at Great Bear. Her favorite part of Snirtfest is watching the kids compete.

“The pond skim in the funniest. When the kids go over that water and crash, a lot of them do (laugh), and cheer on the ones that make it across,” Stangeland said.

All proceeds from Snirtfest will benefit Angels with a Dream in memory of event founder Roxie Johnson, who died last November.

“Roxie Johnson was part of our family. She, unfortunately, passed away last fall, but we still remember her,” Grider said.

Making this end-of-season event that much more memorable.

Snirtfest is this Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Grider did say, depending on the weather, Great Bear could re-open for one day only on Saturday, April 1st.