Great Bear Fixing Water Main Before Ski Season

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Skiers and snowboarders will be hitting the slopes at Great Bear before you know it. But first, the Sioux Falls recreation park is making some last minute repairs before it can start making snow. 

“Kind of looks like a mess but by Monday it should be all put back together,” General Manager Dan Grider said. 

Crews are digging in at Great Bear this week. Grider says a lot of outdoor enthusiasts might get worried when they see this giant trench in the middle of where they hit the slopes. 

“They will but when they come out to ski and snowboard, they won’t see any of this. We’ll have all this seeded, filled back in. When they come out, they’ll see nothing but white,” Grider said. 

The water main sprung a leak a few years back so this fix was put in the budget. Xcel Energy is also on site today replacing a transformer. 

The pipe is decades old and it was breaking down. The new pipe will be made of steel.

“What we’re replacing is old ductile pipe with steel pipe now. It should last a lot longer. Just bringing it up to modern specifications,” Grider said. 

The repair has been delayed because of all the rain we’ve had. For a facility that plans to create a large amount of snow this winter.

“A lot. Hopefully about 15 million gallons worth of water,” Grider said. 

Having new infrastructure will make things a lot easier. 

“Makes it more reliable. We won’t have any leaks we hope,” Grider said. 

If you’re looking to buy or sell some ski equipment before Great Bear opens, the park is hosting a ski swap at the end of the month. 

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