DAKOTA DUNES, S.D. (KCAU) — Business leaders from the tri-state region gathered in Dakota Dunes Wednesday to hear South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem speak.

The governor’s visit was part of this year’s Siouxland Industrial Roundtable put on by the Siouxland Initiative. Notable guests were Lace Morgan of Ho Chunk Inc., and Governor Noem who spoke on topics surrounding the states growing economy and her grocery tax bill that was shot down.

“When people do grocery shopping in other states than Nebraska, because there is a tax on groceries, so, it would really help our businesses here to be able to be competitive. It’s the one way to really give a tax cut to every single South Dakota resident and it’s the fairest way to do that, you know, people are being hit by inflation, but also, we have record revenue in the state of South Dakota,” said Noem.

Additionally, she was asked to address the affordable housing shortage in the region. Noem said new South Dakota legislation will target that problem.

“The reality is that with property costs going up like that so many people that wanted to buy a home or wanted to settle in a community just weren’t able to do that and we need that kind of development to happen before this area can truly be successful like we envision it,” said Noem.

KCAU 9 spoke with her about how they’re handling Tyson leaving Dakota Dunes.

“That’s what’s so wonderful about the news we have here today, is that, obviously, this area is growing and there’s businesses interested in investing here and so, my hope is that my Department of Labor and the state of South Dakota can coordinate with them so their families can stay with us and continue to thrive even though Tyson has made a decision that we feel like is the wrong decision for their company, but definitely the wrong decision for our state,” said Noem.

Noem also added that her office is making a pitch to an airline company about relocating its corporate office to South Dakota.