SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — An event addressing issues of importance in the community put a spotlight on schools Thursday.

Class is in session as Superintendents from Brandon Valley, Harrisburg, Sioux Falls, and Tea Area visit Good Morning Sioux Falls, an event providing a platform for education.

“Answer questions but really showcase what’s happening. I think it’s an exciting time for our broader community when there’s so much growth happening and opportunity, and the schools are a big part of that,” Sioux Falls Schools Superintendent Jane Stavem said.

“What’s going on in terms of growth and construction projects and then also having some larger conversation about some of the challenges and issues facing education today,” Brandon Valley Superintendent Jarod Larson said.

Topics included everything from teacher compensation to the mental health and safety of students, and other issues that keep the Superintendents up at night.

“Funding in education has been a big thing and our Legislature and our Governor came through this year with a really good percentage for us, that matters right now particularly as our COVID relief funds will be going away after this next year, but we have to continue to prioritize funding over time,” Stavem said.

“The continued growth that we face, all while facing increased costs of construction and inflation. Those are some challenges that the Brandon Valley School District is certainly staring at,” Larson said.

Brandon Valley Superintendent Jarod Larson says the event is also an opportunity to build relationships with community leaders, potentially opening doors for students.

“Providing kids with authentic learning experiences through work-based learning and partnerships with our area business is critically important for our kids, but also incredibly valuable for our local businesses as well,” Larson said.

And it’s going to take a team effort.

“The future of our children is what’s at stake and we want to have great places for them to go and learn and that takes everybody working together to make sure we continue to place a high value on that education,” Stavem said.

Good Morning Sioux Falls is a semiannual event hosted by the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce.