MITCHELL, S.D. (KELO) — Crews with the City of Mitchell have been busy the last week and a half after the area was hit with 23 inches of snow.

“It’s a little bit slow, lot of snow. So we got a lot of extra work to put in,” said Kevin Roth, Street and Sanitation Superintendent.

Crews are focusing on clearing up the roads.

“The whole town has been plowed and everything and we’ve done the downtown snow district where we pick up and collect all the snow and haul it out,” Roth said. “Crews have been working around the clock to clear the roads and the side streets of snow. The issue they’re having is they’re having to transport all the snow to the snowfield and eastern Mitchell.

“It’s hard for us because all the buildings are down there, nowhere to put it and we have to haul it,” said Steve Anderson, Assistant Superintendent.

Anderson says their crew of 15 has been clearing and hauling hundreds of loads of snow to the drop-off sight.

“I’m guessing we average 12 to 15 hours a day. We’ve always had so many if not overnight. We had a few nights we had somebody run 24 hours for the EMS crews,” Anderson says.

“Everybody does their job. That’s one way we can get this done. That’s how I look at it takes the whole crew we have and we got a good crew believe me,” Anderson said.

Roth says they are expecting to finish cleaning up the snow by the middle of next week.