GF&P reminding public to be aware of coyotes in Sioux Falls city limits

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — If you live in rural KELOLAND, you probably don’t think it’s unusual to see coyotes, but you don’t expect to see one right outside your house when you live in the city.

Tresse Evenson says it happened last month while she was at home with a sick kid.

At first, Evenson thought the animal she spotted through her window was someone’s pet.

“My kids love it because lots of people walk their dogs through our neighborhood, and they wish they had a dog, so I went to say, ‘Look, a puppy!’ and I paused realizing that doesn’t look like a dog,” Sioux Falls Resident Tresse Evenson said.

The Sioux Falls woman who lives on the east side of the city says the animal across the street was a coyote.

“So basically he just trotted down that sidewalk, kind of going east to west,” Evenson said.

Evenson doesn’t have a picture of it, but one of our KELOLAND News photographers captured video of a coyote near the airport just last spring.

Game, Fish and Parks Regional Wildlife Supervisor Josh Delger says coyote reports within Sioux Falls city limits have trended upward over the years.

“They tend to be pretty good at avoiding humans and avoiding our activities, but they do occasionally show up on trails and people’s back yards,” GF&P Regional Wildlife Josh Delger said.

Delger says it’s not something to be overly-concerned about, but it is something to be aware of.

“The best thing we can do is try not to really ignore them and definitely don’t act fearful of them. We don’t want them to be emboldened and we want them to keep that healthy fear of humans,” Delger said.

Evenson hasn’t seen a coyote in her neighborhood ever since that day in January.

Delger did point out there is a habitat corridor, which includes the Big Sioux River, running through Sioux Falls.

Delger says if you see a coyote showing abnormal behavior, you should tell Game, Fish and Parks.

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