SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – This coming Fall, students will have a different option for higher education in Sioux Falls. Throughout the years, the campus on North Career Avenue has seen a few transitions from the University Center to the Community College of Sioux Falls. Now it’ll be the University of South Dakota — Sioux Falls.

“We’re just a satellite of the main campus in Vermillion. If you come here and get a degree, you get a USD degree,” Jay Perry, VP of USD Sioux Falls, said.

Perry says the focus for this campus will be Health Sciences and Health Affairs. Programs currently at Sanford Health will move here.

“We think by realigning those programs and moving nursing over here, it’s a more efficient use of university resources, which in turn is a more efficient use of taxpayer resources, and it’ll also draw some vibrancy here to the campus that we’ve lacked in previous years,” Perry said.

As Sioux Falls grows, this campus will allow students to get a degree while staying in the city.

“We are a non-residential campus, a commuter campus,” Perry said. “If you are a place-bound student and have work or family commitments that keep you from having that traditional college experience, USD Sioux Falls is going to provide an opportunity for you to stay right here in your community.”

Perry says this transition also comes with more affordable higher education.

“The Legislature also made a commitment in the last session to change a law around tuition that allows us to align tuition with what’s in Vermillion. Prior to that, a Bachelor’s degree student here was charged about $100 a credit hour more than they would be even going and getting that traditional experience in Vermillion,” Perry said.

Students here can also apply for the needs-based Freedom Scholarship.

USD Sioux Falls will offer degrees ranging from Associate to Doctorate. Business and education programs will also be offered.