SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Filling up at the gas station has been steadily getting more expensive in KELOLAND. In the last week, the average price of gasoline has topped $4 in South Dakota.

The national average today, according to AAA, is $4.32 a gallon; in South Dakota, it is $4.04.

AAA also shows gas prices have gone up about 18 cents a gallon from a month ago.
Mark Koch drove into Sioux Falls from Salem.

“I was surprised right now to see that it was 4 dollars and 14 cents for the cheaper stuff so, well you gotta cut down on other things to pay for the gas so,” said Koch.

Delona Klug is originally from Rapid City and says gas prices don’t seem to be impacting the start of tourist season.

“I actually talked to my mom and my aunt last night, and she said there are just a lot more people coming in, and people are crowding the streets so I guess it’s not really affecting people wanting to drive out there,” said Klug.

Oil companies blame the high prices on the war in Ukraine and the embargo on Russian Oil. All but one of the half dozen drivers we spoke with say they are ok with paying higher prices to support Ukraine’s independence. And all the drivers say they are changing their driving habits.

“I can’t take long trips when you, can’t go see family, it’s kind of tough, said one customer who had just filled his tank.

“It’s not good, but you got to live with it,” said another person pumping gas.

“I don’t go anywhere very much because I can’t afford to be putting gas in the car every day so I just stay home. I see a lot of people resorting to the bus, to bikes to walking,” said another.

We found one station on West 12th Street selling gas for $3.84 a gallon, a few miles away the least expensive regular gas at another station was $4.17. According to AAA, Minnesota’s average is $4.01 dollars a gallon and Iowa is at $4.00 a gallon.