SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — People across the country and here in KELOLAND are starting to get some relief at the pump. Gas prices have been going down slowly — right now the national average is $4.26. That’s 15 cents cheaper than last week.

According to AAA, gas prices in South Dakota are coming down.

“Throughout the last month or so, from mid-June- where we saw record high gas prices both here in the state and nationally, we’ve seen a gradual decline,” Shawn Steward, Spokesman for AAA South Dakota.

Steward says the price of crude oil has dropped from $130 a barrel to under $100, causing the price of gas to go down as well.

“Crude oil prices make up 50-60% of the price we see at the gas pumps,” Steward said.

Today the average gas across South Dakota is around $4.20 a gallon.

“Here in just the past week we’ve fallen more than .20 cents a gallon and more than .50 cents a gallon decline over the past month,” Steward said.

Gas prices in South Dakota are starting to go down slowly, and drivers here at the Flying J say they are appreciative.

Jeff Kruppa is a driver for Copeland Trucking. He says he has noticed the lower prices as he travels.

“I’ve noticed that a little bit more in the Midwest it has dropped quite a bit, which is nice because you have the flat lands and the wind there,” Kruppa said.

Kruppa says he appreciates the lower prices.

“They are still higher than they need to be but you know if we can get them down, we’d definitely appreciate it,” Kruppa said.

You can check out the gas tracker for South Dakota here.