LAKE MADISON, S.D. (KELO) — It’s a potentially life-saving reminder for homeowners across KELOLAND as winter drags on: make sure your gas meter is clear of snow.

The warning comes after a home exploded on Lake Madison this weekend.

The Madison Fire Department says it’s the second house explosion in Lake County in recent weeks related to excessive snow covering gas meters.

The Wentworth Fire Chief says no one was at the home at the time of the explosion.

“Good thing nobody got hurt,” Neighbor Mike Bucknell said.

Bucknell’s father’s cabin is next door.

He came up Monday morning to make some repairs on the house caused by the explosion.

“Just some minor cosmetic things, but the main thing is everybody is safe,” Bucknell said.

Tom Glanzer with NorthWestern Energy says the company is seeing a lot of snow covered meters right now.

“We’ve had so much snow piled on so much snow and there’s nowhere to put it anymore and we do have a lot of wind blowing snow around,” Glanzer said.

Glanzer is reminding people to keep their gas meters clear of snow, and look out for your neighbor too.

“I know I live by some folks who can’t get out of their house to check and I make sure I check for them and kind of that ‘Take care of each other South Dakota mentality,’ that we have really has to kick in,” Glanzer said.

Glanzer says when you’re removing snow from the meter, be sure to do it carefully.

He says you can brush it away by hand.