SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A judge sentenced a Garretson man a second time for the same crime.
Less than a year ago, 37-year-old Skyler White went to prison for rape and child pornography.

But, when his attorney started the process of appealing the case, he discovered a key document was missing.

Here is a closer look at what led up to today’s second sentencing.

Last year Skyler White admitted to raping a 15-year-old girl who he hired to clean his home.

He pleaded guilty at the Minnehaha County Courthouse, and in September a judge sentenced him to more than two decades in prison.

A couple months later, White’s attorney filed an affidavit with the South Dakota Supreme Court, explaining that the courtroom where White was sentenced was not equipped with Court Smart, so there’s no record or transcript.

We reached out to the Minnehaha County Court Administrator, who explained that 18 of the county’s 22 courtrooms have Court Smart recording systems.

In the remaining four courtrooms, court reporters document the hearings, but for some reason there wasn’t one in the room during White’s sentencing.

The Chief Justice responded in March, sending White’s case back to circuit court for re-sentencing.

Today White returned to the Minnehaha County Courthouse to be sentenced a second time.

We asked the court administrator if this is something that happens often and were told it’s rare for the county to lose a record.