HILLS, Minn (KELO) – An organization that helps families through life-changing situations has a newly remodeled space and wants to help even more people.

Walk inside the Team E Fieldhouse of Hope in Hills, Minnesota and it’s a completely transformed space.

Earlier this year, we showed you how Game Plan 4 Hope was remodeling this building to use as the new home for their organization.

“We basically just gutted the place and started over again, had thousands of man hours to get us to where we are today,” founder, board member Game Plan 4 Hope, Jeff Bass said.

The goal of Game Plan 4 Hope is to help families get through life-changing situations in a variety of ways.

It was started by the Bass family.

Their son Trenton was hurt during a football game, causing a spinal injury back in 2017.

And now this space will help them be able to do that even better.

“We have medical equipment that we gather and try to find homes for, a lot of it is donated equipment, some of it we purchased, based on what the needs are for the families,” director, Game Plan 4 Hope, Missy Bass said. “We are also going to use the event area, the big area over here, for support groups, we’ve had Zoom room technology put in and that’s going to be nice so we have support groups for families in the hospital or maybe just can’t get here.”

Tuesday night you can stop by and check out the facility for yourself. There will be an open house here from 5 to 9.

“Have everybody who donated and anybody in the community and surrounding area just to come and see what the space looks like now and what we are using it for really, a lot of people don’t know exactly what we are doing yet so it will give them an opportunity to come out and see what we are doing,” Missy Bass said.

An organization providing support and bringing hope.

“We have a lot of families being referred to us, so we reach out to them and see what their needs are, just kind of walk alongside them in whatever tragedy they are going through,” Missy Bass said.

They also plan to rent out the space to provide income for Game Plan 4 Hope. You can learn more about the organization here.