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Black Hills authorities put out a call for people to check their game cameras for any potential video evidence of Serenity Dennard’s whereabouts. 

Hunters use trail cams to track game.  Cabin owners use them for security in wooded areas.  The Outdoor Campus uses the cameras to showcase wildlife in Sioux Falls.

Cue the critters: it’s time for their closeup.

“They are super-cool, yeah,”  The Outdoor Campus Group Program Coordinator Derek Klawitter said.

Derek Klawitter is The Outdoor Campus shutterbug.   He sets up the motion-activated trail cameras along the hiking path.

“The size, the distance they can shoot, the clarity of the photos, they’ve come a long way in the last five or ten years,” Klawitter said.

Judging by all the animal tracks you see around The Outdoor Campus, this is an ideal location to mount one of their trail cameras.

“Sometimes we have more than one, sometimes we only have one.  But they’re all in different locations so we caught some cool things because if you get down in the river sometimes you’ll see eagles, even,” The Outdoor Campus Director Thea Miller Ryan

But the trail cameras don’t just capture wildlife.  Sometimes humans can step into the path of the laser and unintentionally activate the camera.

“We’ve caught people walking out in the middle of the woods where you’d never think they’d be, people walking at The Outdoor Campus.  So it’s interesting to see where people actually go and what they’re doing,” Klawitter said.

Trail cameras are the high-definition eyes and ears of The Outdoor Campus, providing a candid look at anything and anyone that may wander within view.  

It’s been so cold lately that The Outdoor Campus brought their cameras indoors to save their battery power.  But under less frigid weather conditions, a trail camera’s battery can last for months at a time.

To see more trail camera footage, click here

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