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Has convenience ever gotten in the way of you making a donation? Feeding South Dakota has found a new way to make giving back fun!

The noise is fun, and the process is easy. This innovative machine is a hassle-free way for people to dip into their wallets for Feeding South Dakota.

“So it’s very easy! You simply dip your credit card into it, and it’s kind of fun. It’s like a toy, essentially! You dip it in, you can set the amount, and then lights go up and it goes di di di ding, and you’re done,” said Christina Oey, Feeding South Dakota Development Director.

Feeding South Dakota is one of the first groups to bring the Dip Jar to South Dakota. The goal: the easier it is to donate, the more money comes in!

“You know, it’s important because sometimes when a donor is kind of ready and willing to give but they might not necessarily have the time, but you have something that pops up! It’s lit up. It’s convenient. And it’s a way for you to kind of give back to your community in a fast, easy and efficient way,” said Oey. 

Right now the non-profit is in a blackout, which means they cannot accept donations. However, they are willing to start teaming up with local groups or businesses to get the Dip Jar out in the community starting November 1.

“Especially around the holidays it would be a great way for people to support many of our holiday food drives, is to be able to give in those Dip Jars,” said Oey. 

When local groups do decide to team up with Feeding South Dakota, and get the Dip Jar in their locations, they can then determine together how much to set it at for donations. It ranges anywhere from 1 dollar to 999 per dip. 

“One of the neat things about working in non-profit is that we get to take risks and be innovative. To really respond to the demographic changes, to technological changes. So I do think that technology is the future of giving,” said Oey. 

A future of fast, fun philanthropy.

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