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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Soda is known to contain high amounts of sugar and calories, without providing any nutrients. 

Because of that, many may choose to substitute a can of pop for a fruit juice instead. 

Nichole McVay is a mother of four and says her family avoids drinking soda whenever possible. 

“Just because it’s high in sugar and I’m a nurse and I know that’s not good for you and my aunt is a dental hygienist, and we know it’s not good for your teeth. We have little kids in the family so we try to drink water, iced tea,” McVay said. 

But soda isn’t the only beverage containing high amounts of sugar and calories. Dietitians say fruit juice is also considered a sugary beverage, and should be limited. 

“It’s found in 1 in 4 individuals are drinking more than 200 calories a day in juice, or in beverages alone,” Registered Dietitian Tiffany Krogstad said. 

Aside from the extra calories and sugar, Krogstad says if it’s being consumed in a sippy cup it can lead to tooth decay. She suggests opting for whole fruit instead of fruit juice to get the most benefits. 

“In regards to juice, the problem is is that it’s lacking fiber so it’s not keeping kids full,” Krogstad said. 

She says having juice instead of a pop is* a better option, but not by much. 

An 8 oz glass of 100% apple juice contains about 28 grams of sugar, compared to a can of Coca-Cola at 33 grams.

“I mean, you think about our problems with obesity and chronic diseases, I think if individuals can cut back on their intake with beverages with calories I think that can be potentially, really help their health,” Krogstad said. 

But saying goodbye to the sweet drinks can be hard, and even harder on your kids. 

McVay is substituting sugary beverages with carbonated water instead.

“We really like it. We just started trying them, I actually have some in my cart. It’s a better option, the kids during the summer, they like to grab something cold,” McVay said. 

If you or your child is struggling to make the switch from sugary beverages, dietitians say to dilute the beverages with water or switch to a no sugar drink mix. 

Ultimately Krogstad says water should be your go-to beverage, consuming sugary beverages in moderation, if at all. 

For more information on sugary beverages, click here.

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