SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Many Americans can remember where they were or what they were doing during the September 11th attacks.

In the KELOLAND newsroom, it was all hands on deck as reporters covered the local impacts of the devastating day and the days that followed.

As coverage of the 9-11 attacks played out on television screens across the country, people in KELOLAND tuned in from businesses and schools.

“This is like the worst thing that’s happened since Pearl Harbor,” a woman said.

KELOLAND News interviewed one man watching at his dental appointment.

“I can see it here. It’s a lot worse than you can even think about,” the patient said.

Customers at a local restaurant were in shock.

Man: Very, very bad.
Man: That was an awful big surprise.
Man: Right here in the United States.

The 9-11 attacks closed down airports, leaving travelers like Lois Johnson stranded in Sioux Falls, waiting to get on a flight.

“I’m not afraid of anything happening to me because I don’t think it will. I’m too dumb to be scared, I guess,” Johnson said.

Some people turned to prayer during the pain.

“The first response I had when I heard this morning was I wanted to come home and get my baby and my husband and just sit with them and pray,” a woman said.

People also came together as a renewed wave of patriotism swept across the country.