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From Rehearsing At A Colman, SD Church To Performing At A Trampoline Park

Human trafficking is a growing problem worldwide, even right here in KELOLAND. This week, there will be a benefit concert for the cause.

The concert is Thursday night at Sky Zone Sioux Falls. One band playing is called No Sir, Not Me!. Tuesday night they explained how Thursday's show came to be, and what it means to them.

"We effectively decided we wanted to do a show somewhere different," No Sir, Not Me! vocalist Kolton Harris said. "And so our guitarist Justin Sanders decided, I'm going to contact Sky Zone."

"We had never heard of anybody doing a show at a trampoline park before, and so we just had the crazy idea, let's just call them, and see what they think of that, and turns out they were actually looking for somebody to come in and provide live music," No Sir, Not Me! guitarist Justin Sanders said.

The band explains that all proceeds from Thursday's show go to an organization that fights human trafficking.

"Let's use our gifts and passions that were given to us, and turn that into something that we can then turn around and use to benefit and impact other lives," Sanders said.

"It feels really awesome to know that we're using our music to benefit other people," Harris said.

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