SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The grain elevator near Humboldt had difficulty keeping up with all the trucks dropping off corn on Monday. That’s because 14 combines were working the Duane Struck farm all at once, and the trucks just kept coming.

Duane Struck, known as Butch to his friends, planted this field in the spring.

The corn soaked up the sun, and now his friends are doing the last of the work left behind.

“He had a little over 500 acres of corn we’re taking out for him today. There’s 14 combines, probably that many trucks and grain carts out combining for him today,” said friend Jeff Kapperman.

When word got out, so many people wanted to come and help they had to turn people away.

“Butch was everybody’s friend. Whenever anybody needed something, Butch was there to do it; I mean, no questions asked. He showed up,” said Kapperman.

Butch was a big part of this community, serving on just about every community board from the fire department to the elevator to township. Butch passed away in June, a loss that impacted many because they never thought when Duane planted the seeds in the spring, he would not be around to harvest his crop.

“He was my best friend and more than once when I was having difficulty or had some problems of my own Duane showed up to help me so he just. We talked just about every day and it was really a shock when he passed away but we all hope he’s in a better place,” said Kapperman.

Struck also planted soybeans. His friends and neighbors have already harvested them.